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Lesson Plan was prepared by the participants of the Library and Information Literacy Pilot Project,spearheaded by School Library Services Trinidad and Tobago.


Intellectual property issues


{{Objectives|Students will be able to: Accurately cite sources from different mediums]]

Intelligences Addressed

  • Linguistics
  • Visual
  • Musical
  • Logical-Mathemical

Prior Knowledge

{{Basic idea about copyright and intellectual property|different sources of information]]

Set induction

{{Play music of a popular artist using two CDs;one original and one pirated.Question:Do you notice difference in the packaging of the CDs?Now do you see any difference?How to identify original material]]

Strategies/Questions to guide learning

  • Why do you need to know this infofmation?
  • Show different media and explain how copyright affects them all.
  • How to locate the different pieces of information needed for bibliographies e.g.recording


Discription of activity/Instructional Activities/Methodology

{{Give students different media to compile bibliography. Prepare sample to present to class. Create activity sheet:e.g. fill in blanks. Compare and contrast different media}}

Insructional Focus/Content Sequenced

  • MLA format sequence of recording information.

Resources needed

Equipment: all formats

  • Media:CDs
  • AV room/library


  • Verbal
  • Written as a paper
  • Activity sheet.

Integration with

  • Visual and performing arts
  • Computer studies
  • Social studies

Follow up/Continuation Activities:

  • Make biographies items available in the school


  • Importance of citing information.Knoww the difference between original work and copies.It involves money and jail.