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Contact-new.svg Kieran Groeger
Occupation:Educational Consultant
Other roles:Writer/Researcher, Coordinator for Community Empowerment Collective
Nationality:Bratach na hÉireann.svg Irish
Languages:English, French
Country:Bratach na hÉireann.svg Ireland, Flag of France.svg France
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I am now retired from my main career work which was that of school teacher and headmaster. My research interests are mainly education and history. I am married to Brid, another teacher. We have three children, now grown up and living abroad. We spend a good lot of time in France where I cycle with a local club. My Ph.D was an exploration of an aspect of bullying - I wondered whether parental occupation was a factor in the incidence of bullying - It is but only for certain occupations. I also love to research local history themes - we had one witchcraft trial in our town of Youghal - I looked at the trial, similar trials in Europe and America and came up with a theory which might explain the process and why similar experiences were shared by people in many different countries. Her name was Florence Newton. A sad case! We also had a really strange legend in our town of a lady who lived to be 140 years old, argued with Sir Walter Raleigh, argued with William Shakespeare, grew three sets of teeth and finally fell while climbing a stairs to pick cherries from a tree. Her name was Katherine Fitzgerald, Countess of Desmond. A truly wonderful person - I reckon she could have been 120 years old but I am doubtful of the full seven score years! I try to help as a volunteer as much as I can both locally in Ireland, with UNV projects and am thrilled to be inovlved with WikiEducator.




I have lots of interests - history, photography, reading, watercolour painting (very badly), playing bridge, crosswords, cycling, writing and researching, website creation and maintainng for non profit making organisations, and just being in France. I usually respond positively to requests for papers, workshops or presentations on my areas of expertise.

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I am working with the Community Empowerment Collective to help Phil Bartle with his wonderful project to offer his collective wisdom to individuals and communities so as to enable them to help themselves.

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