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This is an area dedicated to practice activities. Now for some practice:

  1. Ordered lists are good
  2. They make it easy to categorize information
    1. I can nest like this
      1. Or like this
  • Bulletted lists are just as interesting
  • I create them by starting each line with an asterisk
    • Or two to nest
      • Or three to nest even further


  1. Collect outstanding assignments
  2. Complete marking
    • Enter marks
    • Calculate percentages
    • Complete Coex forms
  3. Submit to Exams Department
  4. Complete outstanding tasks for online course

Just added an image here

Message pad.jpg

More practice with images


This is my first thumbnail

Uploading files

Information to be used in the methodology class

Created in Open Office

Adding Templates

Icon inter.gif

Web Resources

Favourite Links