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= MY PERSONAL ASPECT My name is Khamis, Iwas born in Zanzibar in 1978.Iwas started my primary education in 1986.In 1997 I was finished my secondary level.In 1999 I joined at Kizimbani Agriculture Training Institute on certificate of agriculture and livestock production (CALP).In 2002,I joined in Diploma on Animal Health at LITI-Tengeru -Arusha.In 2005 I employed under mistry of Agriculture, livestock and natural resources at that time as Tutor at Kizimbani Agricultural Training Institute.In 2008 I admitted in Sokoine University of Agriculture at Morogoro-Tanzania to 2011 I was back in my working center.

My preference is to live with people who were very creative on development strategies concerned on how to be improve self employment.This because now day without planing it cant to live as a human being. At the time go on it nothing to do, the result it influence to make wrong decision like drug abuse theft n.k.

My expectation trough my effort is to to see the people to live safely and comfortable and enjoyable.

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The beaches of Zanzibar