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Hello, my fellow citizens of the world,

My name is Kevin Tan Pooi Soo. I am currently attending a workshop on Learning4Content at Wawasan Open University (WOU) at Penang, Malaysia conducted by Dr Sanjay. I'm creating short lessons for WOU students to make learning easier and thus making learning enjoyable. My experience tells me that when a student understands what he's reading, he gets interested and he enjoys learning. I like to teach mathematics. The courses under my care are Business Statistics, Discovering Physics and Chemistry and Basic Computing and Internet.

my lily

Teaching is Loving

Over 30 years of teaching has taught me that teaching is loving. I've always encourage my students to share knowledge and to teach fellow classmates.

my lily


  1. learning is exciting
  2. learning is enriching
  3. learning is entertaining

Learning Mathematics

  • many students find learning mathematics difficult
  • some commented : Mathematics make me mad
  • others say : Mathematics give me headache
  • many say : Mathematics is boring
  • many ask : Why am I learning mathematics?
  • PLEASE feel free to add to this list