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=Personal Details=

  1. Name:Kennedy Yegon
  2. Date of Birth: 23/06/1950
  3. Organization:== African Academy of Sciences ==
  4. Position:ICT Officer
  5. Research Papers:Elearning in Kenyan Public Universities
  6. Areas on Interest:Systems design and development,ICT Management,Change Management,Systems Audit

=Web 2.0 Training Moi University Eldoret=
=What is Web 2.0?=
Web 2.0 refers to free or low-cost interactive web-based services that help people share information and collaborate online more easily than with earlier tools.It emphasizes the possibility for many people to share and collaborate information.

Web 2.0 is a term that people loosely apply to these new easier to use web based tools for contenmt ctreation.web 2.0 make it easier for people to meet and interact online and publish on the world wide web.It allows people to communicate amongst themselves on real time as opposed to the tradional media which provided one-way communication on media has made it easy for people to collaborate and do things with others,Creating and sharing content,finding content using and reorganizing content. social media is not used for sharing private materials like health matters.Social media allow members to create multiple connections to others comminucate with other people and easliy create and share information.

Challenges of social networks

  • of mesages
  • challenges on knowledge sharing
  • challenge to tradional organization processes.

With the web based content and open source softwares that is available for free, it reduces the development costs and increases quality by getting many other people working on the project. A social networking site enables users to create public profiles within a Web site and form relationships with other users who access their profile information.

Most social services offer different ways to interact with others such as chat rooms, message boards, blogs, video, file sharing, email messages etc.

Different social networking services offer different features and cater to different audiences. Some sites are:

  • preferred in a specific geographic location;
  • oriented to youth;
  • business or marketplaces;
  • specifically oriented towards professional networks; and
  • dedicated to networking for social development.]Using social networking sites can present many strategic advantages for your group or organization, but can also pose new challenges in terms of privacy and security.

Social media benefits:-

  • access to a wide variety of information
  • easy ways to create and distribute content
  • the ability to communicate with many people

Main Challenge

  • privacy,security and intellectula property issues

Geotagging is adding geographical information to an image, a blog post, an SMS messages, a video or other items, creating data maps.