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File:Desert kkp.jpg
kgalagdi sand dunes
= BYFA =

BOTSWANA YOUNG FARMERS ASSOCIATION was formed in 2008 by young agriculturists who were concered about the welfare of young farmers who are out there, who can not access information that is supposed to be taken to them. There were eight when they started this association and due to their working condition they were forced to hibernate the association and in 2013 january the association resurfaced with one mission in their mind: To deciminate information to the youth out there.


BYFA has been working well with its mother body Ministry of Agriculture and they have been helpful a lot. Also it is an affliate to Botswana National Youth Council.

BYFA members has benchmarked in making countries around the world.

Districts of Botswana

  1. southern
  2. south east
  3. chobe
  • north east
  • north west
  • kgatleng
  • kweneng
  • ghanzi
  • kgalagadi
  • central

for further information visit the Botswana College Of Agriculture