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when you start to do a Horticultural project, you must really have done several things and amongst those, a good easy to understand business proposal. access to land where the project is going to be must be a number one priority, whether owned or lease out but id leased hs to be for not less than 50 years as you are going to make some developments that could take the length of time for machinery to stat depreciating.

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secondly one must have access to water, it must be indicated where this water is coming from - shared or owned and the yield must be indicated so that it can be gauged.


The type of equipment needed must have been pre-indicated as its the primary tools one uses for production.

Districts in Botswana

  1. Southern
  2. central
  3. North East
  4. South East
  5. North west
  6. Kalahadi
  7. Ganzi
  8. Kgatleng
  9. Kweneng
  10. Chobe

For further information visit the Botswana college of Agriculture