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My name is Kasim and I am currently taking CIS2 online at De Anza Community College. I like basketball and reading about new technology and gadgets.

My midterm topic was on the United Nations goal of ensuring environmental sustainability. Some questions I had regarding this goal:

Will the United Nations be successful in achieving their goal of halving the number of people without a source to clean sustainable water by 2015? Would there need to be a big technological advancement for this to happen, or would the current solutions suffice?

Here are some links (with summary) on the respective topic.

The Global Health and Education Foundation helps inform people about the goals of Millennium Development Goals. It explains how water can become contaminated and offers technological solutions to decontaminate the water. It discusses distribution systems for water treatment plants to the people, which is an important step.

P&G provides water purification packets that can turn unclean water to clean drinkable water. The use of biotechnology here allows for this company to help solve the problem of undrinkable water in rural areas. Further technological advancements can make the water purification packets more effective and cheaper in the future.

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment explores the use of biotechnolgy to decrease biodiversity loss in rural areas of the world. Technology advancements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide cleaner waste management systems can lead to a better biodiverse environment.