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I live in a small village in the South-Eastern Poland. I like the place I live in. My house is close to the forest and it's at the end of the street so it's very quiet here.


This is my village. I moved here with my husband 8 years ago. Our house is not in the main part of the village. 

What to see in Zbydniów

Zbydniów is an old village . It was a home to one of the great aristocratic families in Poland The Horodyńskis Family. Unfortunately during IIWW the whole family was kiled by Germans. In the village there is still their palace which is situated in a nice park. During the comunist times it was a forgotten building luckily the times have changed and the place was bulit by a private owner and restored. 

Except for the Horodyńskis' palce there are a lot of remnants of IIWW in the village

  • a monument  
  • Hans Holbein d. J. 049.jpg
  • an old chapel    

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