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A little about myself: I am a student taking CIS 2 at De Anza College. I am from San Francisco and I love to cook, play volleyball and go hiking. I study Economics and Accounting. This is my WikiEducator page for CIS 2.

Midterm Topic: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger (UN Link)

Feeding America
Feeding America supplies and distributes meals across the U.S. According to this article, Feed America uses this route planning software called Roadnet Transportation Suite to reduce the cost of meal deliveries. This software helps Feeding America find the shortest routes between the food donators and the food banks. In utilizing this software, Feeding America saves enough money to feed an additional 70 million people! Another way Feeding America uses technology to relieve world hunger is by providing volunteers with online tools to create their own Virtual Food Drive. By using their online tools, volunteers can create their own website to ask for food donations, set goals and help provide meals.

Stop Hunger Now
Stop Hunger Now uses search engines and the Internet to help stop hunger. Search engines such as and donates half of its advertising revenue to Stop Hunger Now if you use its search engine. Simply by using the search engine and shopping at these two websites, you can make donations to Stop Hunger Now without actually giving money.

YouGiveGoods is a website that makes donating food easy and green. It is a website that allows volunteers to set up food drives online where donators can buy food online. This way, the online system rids the hassle of collection boxes. YouGiveGoods also helps you advertise by providing volunteers social networking tools and emailing systems. Other than food, the website allows you to choose other charities and donation items such as clothes as well.