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contact information

  1. A.K.Oladele, Dept. of food technology, federal college of freshwater fisheries technology, pmb 1500, new bussa, niger state, nigeria.
  2. e-mail:,

About me

I am Oladele Adekanmi Kamaru, a Lecturer 1 in the Department of Food Technology of Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries Technology, New Bussa, Nigeria. I hold a M.Sc in Food Science and Technology from University of Ibadan, Nigeria and specializes in Food Chemistry. I am running a P.hD in food chemistry at University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I am married with two kids.

My research interest

My key interest is to develop acceptable food products from underutilized plant materials in Africa. my blog,

Present research work

Presently, I am working on incorporation of tigernut ("Cyperus esculentus") milk extract in yoghurt and cheese processing. I have written papers on chemical composition and functional properties of tigernut

my hobbies

  • reading
  • knowing about other professions

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