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Dear Learner,

Welcome to the IGNOU learner family! 80px-Wikineighbour V1.png

Congratulations on enrolling for a distance learning programme of your choice. You are now part of a very large family of distance learners. You have the choice of learning at your pace of study irrespective of place of study. Distance learners are a heterogeneous group having varied needs and each learner is unique. You are like tiny drops of water in the mighty ocean. Often it has been noted that enthusiastic learners start out with a lot of motivation but somewhere down the line, they tend to lose out on the initial motivation and lag behind. As there are no peers in a face to face situation as in conventional class room teaching, the distance learner may feel the pinch of isolation which further leads to diffidence to continue. It has been generally seen that there is a large number of drop outs in the distance education set up.

This guide is based more on the practical aspects of how to go about your studies. There are many non academic aspects to which adequate attention must be paid, like when and where to submit your assignments, where to look for when in need of help etc. So let us begin this journey at the very beginning soon after you have received your letter of confirmation, your Identity card and the study centre to which you have been allotted. We will take you to the end of your journey when you take your final term end examinations and await the results. The happiest day for us is the Day of Convocation when we witness the joy on the faces of those who have achieved their set goals.