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Counselling session

Attending Counselling Sessions

Counselling schedules are prepared by your study centre. They are arranged on Sundays and an academic counselor for the particular course will be present to interact with you and other fellow learners who are present for the same. Attendance at the Counselling sessions is not mandatory, but it is preferable if you are able to make time for the same. Time is always short and it is natural that each one would like to spend your weekly holiday at leisure. However this would one of the few occasions when you will be able to have meaningful interactions with other peers and your counselor. Hence it may in your own interest if you can prioritize and make time available for your studies. This may help you learn more effectively. You can yourself make the counseling session interesting by bringing your own doubts, problems, difficulties, and experiences into the classroom. For doing this, it is also essential for you to have studied the material which has been given to you. Then you will know exactly what you want to derive from the counseling session. It will also motivate the Counsellor to try to fulfill your expectations from the Counselling session. This can make learning interesting and enjoyable for all. Other learners would bring with them a different set of experiences and this could be new learning for you too.
So do come fully prepared for the Counselling by taking effort to study the material at hand and derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from these sessions.
Unfortunately it has been our experience that learners do not turn up for the Counselling sessions and the Academic Counsellors who have come left their Sunday holiday behind and come to serve you feel disappointed. Some have suggested making the Counselling sessions mandatory, but this is not done in order to maintain the flexibility and permit learners to study at their own pace. If it is made mandatory, many learners who are genuinely not in a position to attend are pushed out. This will not serve our objective of reaching out to the disadvantaged. Hence it is up to each and every learner to decide for your self and make time to attend the counseling and make it interesting too. Happy Learning!

Counselling schedules for some study centres of Regional Centre Pune are uploaded here.