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There are four Processes that are required to bring back a gaped saw to its original condition. The following are the steps: *Topping: this process requires that one uses a flat file to file the tips of the saw to the same level.

*Gulleting/Sharpening: these two take place at the same time. This involves the use of an equilateral triangular file which fits in the gullets of the saw.While making the gullets dipper, one will be sharpening also.

*Setting: this is making th3e teeth of the saw alternate in order to make the saw kerf 1 1/2 times wider than the saw blade so that the saw does not bind. We use the saw set pilers which is set according to the number of teeth per inch depending on the saw to be set.

*Side Dressing: under this process the saw is laid on its side and a slip stone run on the sides of the saw teeth to remove any "impurities".