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My name is Kahabi, Apolinary Medard- [Blogspot]. I was born and raised in the most beautiful and safe country in the world; Tanzania, United Republic–Mwanza Region, closer to the Most gorgeous second great fresh water lake in the world, Lake Victoria. I am a very passionate and diplomatic person who really cares and make friends.

The Goal

My biggest goal in life that truly engages my entire heart and soul is to make a positive difference for my country and its people who are constantly hit by corruption and poverty.


I am a very passionate person; I truly engage in everything I do and put my entire heart and soul into things. I like helping others and listening to people to give them advice. I am very active in Pro-Life What I do is simply talk to them as a friend encouraging and supporting them in their struggle; Like any true Tanzanian I am a big diplomatic person; we Tanzanian really know how to care others and making friends! I love my parents and four young brothers and our lovely and gorgeous sisters more than anything in this world.

This is a photo of Violet African Woman Wearing Dreads

Favourites Movies

I absolutely love watching ACTION HORROR AND SCIENCE FICTION movies BUT also travelling and watching most magnificent creation of the Most high the Almighty God

Favourites Music

I absolutely love to football listen to;

Favourites Books

All religious books regardless of any denominations;

  1. Philosophical books;
  2. Detective books;
  3. Law books
  4. Religious books etc.

Useful links

  1. Josephat Mwanzi website
  2. CNN Website
  3. BBC website
  4. Google website