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The medical cadre sagga in Tanzania is still prevailing, this time the sagga has taken a new phase. But supprisingly enough, the Government doesn't show any effort to cease the striketo rescue peoples' life.

The citizen interviewed by this source yesterday, wondered the President for attending the other official matters instead of enganging himself in the sagga. most of the people noted that, PM has failed to rescue situation,why shouldnt the president intervene?

we are of the opinion that, the government has no mercy to its citizen especially the poor class ( which is the most large class in our country). The promienent news writer known as Mr. Igenge Edwin ever attempted to compare Tanzania with the staggering Giningi that the country with the big leadership vacuum ( in swahili known as ombwe la uongozi). during Mwl Nyerere reign we couldnt find this, but let us ask our selves where have we slipped?

Development and Democratic Party ( CHADEMA) is boasting itself that it could handle all these community problems including suspected hyper inflation