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Kabaso Sydney Mupukwa's story is a tale of determination, hard work, and resilience. Born in Luwingu district, Zambia, on May 16th, 1986, Kabaso was raised by his parents, Athanasious Bulungwe Kabaso and Agness Chanda. His father is a former teacher and politician, while his mother was a farmer from Ipusukilo village. Despite facing challenges and hardships at a young age, Kabaso remained steadfast in his pursuit of education. Kabaso's educational journey began at Kapisha Primary School in Luwingu, where he laid the foundation for his academic success. He then moved on to Luwingu Day Secondary School, where he completed grade 8 before transferring to Luanshya Central Secondary School in Luanshya. It was at Luanshya Central Secondary School that Kabaso excelled in his studies and passed his grade nine exams with flying colors. He continued his education at Luanshya Boys Secondary School, where he completed his secondary education and further solidified his academic credentials.

Driven by a passion for social development and a desire to make a difference in his community, Kabaso pursued higher education at Mulungushi University. There, he studied Advanced Social Development, honing his skills and knowledge in the field.After completing his social development studies at Mulungushi University, Kabaso continued to expand his knowledge and expertise in various areas. He pursued further education in Social Work and Project Management with Alison from Ireland, and later obtained a Diploma in Nutrition, Therapeutics, and Health. His thirst for knowledge did not end there, as in 2021 he studied Sustainable Agriculture at Copperbelt University.

Kabaso's dedication to learning and professional development has paid off, as he was able to secure a job with Chalice Canada in Mpika, working on various sustainable agriculture projects. His diverse skillset and qualifications have opened up numerous opportunities for him in the field of development work. Kabaso continued his academic journey at Copperbelt University, where he focused on Sustainable Agriculture. His commitment to sustainable practices and environmental conservation underscored his dedication to creating a better future for generations to come. Additionally, Kabaso's passion for education led him to pursue a degree in Chemistry and Biology at Nkrumah University, where he received specialized training as a teacher. This background has equipped him with a strong foundation in the sciences, which he has utilized in his teaching career at Lubwe Secondary School.

Kabaso Sydney Mupukwa is a dedicated missionary who has devoted his life to spreading the word of God in various nations across Africa. Born and raised in Zambia, Mupukwa felt a calling to serve as a missionary from a young age and has served as a missionary in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, and South Africa to fulfill his mission. Throughout his career, Mupukwa has worked with organizations such as Christ Embassy and the Pentecostal Holiness Church, where he has pastored churches and led congregations in worship and prayer. His passion for preaching and teaching the Gospel has inspired many to embrace Christianity and find solace in their faith.

Mupukwa's work as a missionary has not been without its challenges. He has faced opposition from those who do not share his beliefs, as well as difficulties in adapting to new cultures and languages. However, his unwavering dedication to his mission has enabled him to overcome these obstacles and continue his work with enthusiasm and determination.

In addition to his work as a missionary, Mupukwa is also involved in various outreach programs that aim to improve the lives of those in need. He has helped to provide food, clothing, and shelter to the less fortunate, as well as offer spiritual guidance and support to those who are struggling.

Kabaso's impressive combination of skills and professional experience caught the attention of Caritas Mansa, where he currently serves as a Nutritionist and Senior Nutrition Supervisor. He plays a key role in the Sustainable Targeted Responsive Approach to Optimize Nutrition and Growth for Adolescent Girls and Young Women project, a program implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

Kabaso's journey from social development studies at Mulungushi University to his current role as a Nutritionist and Senior Nutrition Supervisor is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and commitment to making a positive impact in the field of development work. His wealth of knowledge and expertise in social work, project management, agriculture, and nutrition make him a valuable asset to any organization he is a part of. Kabaso's continued pursuit of excellence and passion for helping others make him a true leader in his field.

Kabaso Sydney Mupukwa is a shining example of a missionary who is truly dedicated to serving others and spreading the message of God's love and compassion. His selfless actions and commitment to his faith have touched the lives of many and have helped to bring hope and healing to those in need.Through his educational achievements and professional experiences, Kabaso Sydney Mupukwa has emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration for many. His story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of one's dreams. Despite facing adversity and obstacles along the way, Kabaso's determination and resilience have propelled him forward, shaping him into the successful individual he is today. As he continues to make a positive impact in his community and beyond, Kabaso's story serves as a reminder that with dedication and drive, anything is possible.

Overall, Kabaso Sydney Mupukwa's journey is a testament to his dedication to social development, education, and humanitarian work. Through his diverse experiences and academic achievements, he has proven himself to be a valuable asset in creating positive change in the world.