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Farm-Fresh information.png Caution: System Specific
N.B. The following might not work on your system for a variety of reasons (different hardware, different software versions, etc.). Ensure important data on your system is backed-up before trying anything.

Page prepared on 18 November 2010. Wiki Publisher

Update: in Ubuntu or other Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution: install via Synaptic (and you are done :-). Or type the following command lines into a terminal:
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install
and follow the prompts.

Sun Wiki Publisher

First check whether or not the extension is installed already:

From within Writer (tested with OpenOffice 3.2.1 on 20101117):

via menus:

Extension Manager

At this point check what is listed. If "Sun Wiki Publisher" is already listed, either cancel and close the Extension Manager, or check for updates, etc.

Here I assume it is not already installed.

Click on:

Get more extensions online ...

a web page opens:

(You may close the Extension Manager for now)

Search for: MediaWiki on the web page that just opened.

Click on the resulting link for "Sun Wiki Publisher".

It will probably take you here:

Download the extension by clicking on the "Get it!" button.

The file was called "sun-wiki-publisher.oxt" last time I checked.

To install it:

Open the file in OpenOffice: File/ Open/ ... browse to the file.

The Extension Manager will open:

"You are about to install the extension 'Sun Wiki Publisher' ...

Click on [OK].

Then, accept the license if you agree to the terms.

Close the Extension Manager.

Now, from Writer, you will be able to export to MediaWiki (.txt):

Menu: File/ Export/ MediaWiki (.txt)

Then you can paste text from the resulting file to WikiEducator.

If the document to be exported is very large, consider splitting it up into smaller sections to be pasted on separate wiki pages. I usually run an instance of MediaWiki on my laptop and paste the large document's wiki text into a "local" page before splitting it up (locally) and pasting the final result on WikiEducator (multiple smaller pages).

If you find or make a proper tutorial on this feel free to link to it below:

  • ...