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Testing the rich text editor.

Copies: Tests and Backup of tests.

Text Decorations

Bold, underline and both and italic and both and all and strikethrough to test.



  • bullet A
  • bullet B
  • Bullet C
  • etc.


  1. Bullet one
  2. two
  3. three
  4. etc.

Super- and sub-scripts

Subscript and superscript they both toggle fine :-).


An external link an internal (WE) link.

The latter works by typing the link name without the square brackets.


Try a template

This worked by typing the wiki text of the template into the text area.


Issue kt1: bold, italic and underlined - latter continues

Now, show preview: as before, the underline continues. Save.

I have fixed that manually on this page now (via the rich editor), but the problem arose when I tried to do all of bold, italic, underline. The wiki text generated was:

and <u>'''''all'''''</u 

and thereafter there were <u></u> tags around every line:

<u>Now for some bullets:</u> 
*<u>bullet A</u>
*<u>bullet B</u>
*<u>Bullet C</u>


#<u>Bullet one</u>

<u>Sub<sub>script</sub> and super<sup>script</sup> they both toggle fine :-).</u>

Some more text in the section - otherwise the section can only be added to via Wikitext.

Replicating the Problem

Some bold, italic and underlined text made with the rich editor on this section. Is the rest now underlined? Yes, it was and the underlining continued into following sections. Now fixed manually using rich editor by highlighting underlined text and clicking on the underline button. The correction also fixed following sections.

Again: underline only. That was fine.

Issue kt2: edit sections within tables

Trying to edit a section within a table breaks the table even if you don't change anything:

Try Editing Me

Don't change anything. Just click 'Edit' and then save with rich editor active. Then, the text you are reading in this section will nolonger be visible.

Preformatted Text

Some text - to be preformatted. Under the 'Format' drop-down.

The above worked. If the end of preformatted text is at the end of your edit section, just press <enter> and reformat the new line to continue.

Chinese in Rich Text Editor

中文: 你好嗎? - works fine with IBus on Ubuntu.