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Test site and comments.


Formatting (:-)


<strike> and <u> Problem

Some bold, italic, underlined, strike-through and all.

NB When going back and forth between WYSIWYG editing and Wikitext, the angular brackets around the closing 'u' and 'strike' tags came out as


Special tag properties contain '</u</strike>' - and all the text below acquired <strike> and <u> tags around every paragraph and heading. I have removed them now (but take care not to miss some blank lines where this problem is hidden). Scroll down for another test.

Seeing <nowiki> text while in the editor

<nowiki> text in the above is not visible while editing.  Is there a way to make it visible while editing? (e.g. a sort of plain text sub-editor/text editor box between yellow <nowiki> tags just while editing the nowiki text)?

References (:-)

Some text with a reference[1] and another[2].

Another reference[3].

Heading Levels (:-)

Some text

Heading 1A3

Some text

Heading 1A4

Some text

Heading 1A5

Some text


Cut and Paste (Firefox)

<strike><u>Your browser security settings don't permit the editor to 
automatically execute copying operations. 
Please use the keyboard for that (Ctrl+C).

Interesting that the <strike> and <u> tages found their way here too?

This error comes up if I select some text, and right click and select Copy or Cut. If I use the keyboard for the Copy/Cut, it is ok.

However, when I try to Paste it somewhere, a text box alert pops up which only accepts plain text (the formatting of the text copied is lost).

Bold and underlined (via ctrlb and ctrl-u). Cut it and paste (via the text only pop-up): Bold and underlined.


How long does it take to load them? Perhaps I did not wait long enough, but I did not get a list to select from.

Other Features

  • Undo: ctrl-z worked and so did clicking on the undo icon.
  • Currently using bullets
  • How does one indent bullets to get a new level (of nested bullets)?
  1. Ordered list
  2. Works
  • Link to Libre Software turned out to be an internal WE link.
  • Clicked on Wikitext to get wiki markup - fine - but could not go back to WYSIWYG editing (while editing in a separate window).

Horizontal line:

  • Add buttons for small/big text.
Insert image:

Testing Underline and Strike-through Problem (above)

Some more text before underline and strike-through.

Text with strike-through and underline and both.

Some more text after underline and strike-through.

That was fine, so let's try bold, underline, italic, strike and all</u</strike>.

Some more text after all.

See? and the problem continues (this line is being edited afterwards).

I fixed this line using the WYSIWYG editor and the 'U' an 'ABC' buttons - but there are a few blank lines (invisible) below which still have the problem. Ctrl-u also works for underline :-).


  1. Lessig L. 2004. Free Culture.
  2. Tucker, K. 2007. Say Libre.
  3. Tucker K. 2010. Some imaginary book.

(I am still not sure why references should not appear if I am not logged in??)