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Fix: Portal:Social Entrepreneurship Network to mirror the WV site using Template:Node page and Template:ThemedProjectNav.

Ignore - or clean up the following

wrt WikiEducator Technical Help

Rather use: templates ThemedProjectNav and Node page.

Initial Templates from the WikiEducator home page

@@ rework this.

Template:Social Entrepreneurship Frontpage help

Template:Social Entrepreneurship Frontpage news

Template:Social Entrepreneurship Frontpage values


This approach kind of works but is really clunky. One has to edit the whole page, scroll down to the list of templates used, open the one required, edit that, save and navigate back to the start page.

The templates for portals on WikiVersity look better, and I hope we can get them working here too.

The WikiVersity Approach

The community on WikiVersity have this working very nicely.

Instructions from Wikipedia

So far, this is not working out easily here. In one of my projects I was under time pressure to get a portal up, and reverted to Wikiversity for now. The Wikieducator portal is still there - possibly with a view to repurposing it to be a portal for social entrepreneurship around WikiEducator and other COL projects.

Try sort out the below later:

1. make the box portal skeleton:

template:box portal skeleton

2. make the portal which will use this skeleton

Portal:Social Entrepreneurship Network (and create and edit the required templates).

... hopefully I will have time some time ... September ? In the meantime, you are welcome to sort it out for us :-).

Ktucker 13:55, 30 July 2007 (CEST)

Other Portal Examples

Aim: with the cool tabs ... this is too much work for now.