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Hi all, this is jyoti bhatia, pusuing B.Ed. from C.I.E., D.U. As a part of B.Ed. programme, we are supposed to do three months teaching in the school assigned to us. I got Roop Nagar No.1 for doing my teaching practice. It was a very wonder ful experience. According to me SEP is THE BEST part of this programme. I learned a lot many things....

If you are interested to visit my mam's page , then please click on the following link

You can also look for my batchmates experiences in school... rana

Psycho Practicals Case Study :

In class VI-A, there was a girl "MUSKAN"... i found her very different from rest of the class. She used to talk with her friends all the time and had no interest in studies.... So, I decided to talk to her about the same.. After administrating all the tools of case study i found that the problem is not with her but with her family... Her parents hardly talked to her,especially her father. She was very much afraid of her father.