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From ‘Good’ Research to the ‘Right’ Research

The Role of Civil Society in Research Decision Making for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

By Clive Lightfoot and Ueli Scheuermeier, LBL

Peoples’ Concerns about Research for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

The village meeting is closing. Somebody asks the question “Why work on that crop, why not work on a new crop for the market”, “Because”, replies the researcher “we only do research on that crop”, “But”, rebuts a farmer, “why try that technology when it is so costly and we are poor?” Actually”, says another, “why not help us transport our products to the market? You say you want to help, but we cannot use what you have got for us”. As they climb in the jeep to leave the researcher observes, “Yes, much of our good research work is not being used”. The extension agent replies “Yes it is good research, but the farmers are telling us it is not the ‘right’ research for them”. If this story only happened in a few villages it would not matter, but it doesn’t. It happens in too many villages and too often. Reference:(Article from Beraterinnen News, Extension in Development Cooperation, February 2003)Italic text

My sandboxGetting to the ‘Right’ Research

Getting to the ‘right’ research for sustainable agriculture and rural development means not only finding the ‘right’ research question, but also the ‘right’ research partnerships between farmers, service providers, and other relevant stakeholders. Getting to the ‘right’ research for sustainable agriculture and rural development means finding a more democratic way to reach our decisions. Today’s research is not ‘the right research’ because it does not benefit the resource poor and it does not have democratic decision making processes.


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