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Personal Details

That's Me!

Title: Su'a
First Name: June
Surname: Ryan
Gender: Female
Location: Samoa
Profession: Educator & Administrator

  • Pacific International Unitech (PIU)
  • June Ryan School of Music (JRSM)

Professional Interests


  1. Music
    • Piano
    • Schools Curriculum
    • Composition
    • Improvisation
    • Graded Examinations:
      • Trinity College of London
      • Royal Schools of Music
      • AMEB (Australia Music Examination Board)
      • St. Cecilia School of Music
  2. Office Administration
  3. Computing
  4. Education

Professional Contributions

Development of Music Curricula for CMAD/MESC
Author of Music Teacher Guides for Years 9/10 & 11/12
Curriculum of Music, JRSM
Curriculum of Computer Studies, PIU
Curriculum of Office Administration Studies, PIU


My Friend

Aoaniu Lesa

My Friend Niu


Drama Tool
Royal Schools of Music
Trinity College of London
St. Cecilia School of Music
Microsoft Education
Office Administration

Wayne Mackintosh - Samoa L4C 2009 Trainer


I am most grateful for this training as it has allowed me to appreciate the wonderful worlds of Wiki. Faafetai to our trainer, Wayne Mackintosh and to all my fellow learners who made the 2 days fun!

To Anil Prasad, faafetai (thank you) for welcoming me and my friend Aoaniu Lesa to Wikieducator. Talofa lava - hello!