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Facebook Status
By Jun Asis

Status Do’s and Don’t
Many of us now depend on the Facebook status to keep up with people in our circles.

FB helps me connect with friends and family in a more efficient manner. I’ve established links with classmates whom I have not seen for a long time. I’ve become friends with Ligaya ng Panginoon brothers, sisters and their children, even if I have not even spoken to or met them in person.

Remember that social networks are personal, social and virtually permanent. So think about what you write before sharing your thoughts to the world.

When in Facebook:

1. Follow the five-way test. If it does not pass that, re-think and revise. Otherwise, don’t post at all.
    a. Is it the TRUTH?
    b. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
    c. Will it build GOODWILL and IMPROVE FRIENDSHIPS?
    d. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
    e. Will you be proud of your post in the future?
2. Edit your post. Sometimes, your mind races faster than your fingers.
3. Make your posts simple to get your point across clearly. Unless you are intentionally being cryptic.
4. Ask questions. It is an easy way to know what you don’t.
5. Connect and Converse. Establish ties. Communicate, catch up and link up.
6. Collaborate and Create. Share what you know. Social networking can be used to mix ideas and come up with better and novel ideas.
7. Encourage and support as you would in person. It is a good way to build and strengthen relationships.

Do not:
1. Get too personal or too emotional. FB is not your friend, counselor or confessor.
2. Spam or post repeatedly. It’s annoying and rude.
3. Do not flame or rant against a person in your status, even if he is not in your network. It runs counter to Christian character and brotherly correction (see Matthew 18:15).
4. Lie. It’s never a good thing. Even in Facebook.
5. Steal someone’s post, picture or video and make it your own just to appear cool. Make the proper attribution.
6. Share your username and password with anyone. You might not like what they put in there.
7. Spend all your time Facebooking to the detriment of facing Real World issues.

A Facebook User's Prayer

by Fr. Stephen Cuyos (with permission)

God Our Father,

Direct our lives that we may use Facebook to proclaim Your Word.

Grant that our wall posts may serve as a source of inspiration and joy to our friends.

Guide us as we update our status and let all our comments be pleasing to You.

Make us realize that we need to read the Bible more often than we check our news feed.

May we find more time correcting our bad habits than editing our profile pics.

Lead us in Your wisdom that we may we be more concerned about following Your precepts

than about the size of our friends list. May we poke others only because we want to show we care.

Deliver us from privacy problems, from spam applications and from the temptation

to post other people’s images, ideas and videos without permission.

Allow us to remain in an open relationship with You,

to bear much fruit, and to give glory to Your name.

We ask all these through Christ, Our Lord.