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  • Im a Researcher working with Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Im married and Im a father of two a Girl and a Boy.
  • My home place is Tabora but I prefer living in Mbeya because of a cool weather.
  • I like practicing for relaxation because I sure it is good for my health.
  • I like organic foods especially those I produce myself

Name Phone number Email - Hassan John Jack
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=My professional interest=

My profesional is Agronomy specializing in Parasitic weed management in crops.

  1. I like working in multidisciplinary teams in solving agriculture problems.
  2. I would like to work much on Climate change as it has direct and indirect effect to the crop and parasite relationship.
  3. I wold like to use modelling/ decision support tools in assisting farmers to adapt Climate change in parasitic weed infested areas.

==Hobbies== My hobbies are watching Basketball and training Karate Mustard plantation bangladesh2.jpg