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Contact-new.svg Judith Oa Nukuitu
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My contribution of open educational resources

Instructional Design for Distance Education at UPNG



Name - Judith Oa Nukuitu
Martial Status - Married
Judith Nukuitu
Postal Address- UPNG Open College
                PO Box 341,Waigani
                National Capital District
                Papua New Guinea
Email Address -
Country of Origin - Papua New Guinea

My Community

This section will contain information about the two communities am attached to. These two communities that I interact with vary differently and have different needs.The two communities that my discussion will cover:

The community I was born into

The Community I currently reside in

My Work

I am currently employed as an Instructional Designer with the University of Papua New Guinea Open College. I am one of the team members that contribute to the development of the Course materials for the Distance Education students in Papua New Guinea. The Open college through the distance mode provide educational opportunities for majority of Papua New Guineans that for various reasons could not further their tertiary education. With the tremendous effort from Open College and its Management in pursuing the drive to getting education to the doorsteps of most Papua New Guinea.Dr Abdul Mannan as the Executive Director of Open College is a man of vision and action person. Together with his team ,they have been working tirelessly and have paid off with Open College placed on the International arena through the winning of various awards during PCF5. Read more about UPNG Open College


  • How would the technology and resources created impact the community ?

The technology and resources created will enable the community to have access to other avenues to Learning. The community can utilise the resources and technoloy created to enhance their learnimg capabilities and be able to be innovative and productive.The community can even use whats being developed and add their contribution by creating and developing new resources for others to use. The more the community gets involve and contributes in creating more resources ,results in capacity building.

  • Who do I share skills and knowledge with?

I will be able to share the skills and knowledge I just acquired with my fellow collegues. Basically my colleagues (Instructional Designers)posses some skills and knowledge about the wikieducator and with me going through this workshop would enable me to be on the same wave lenght at least. With the capacity building ,it would equip the team to transfer the skills and knowledge to other team members(Course Writers,Text Processors,Instructional Designers,Production Officer) to create and improve our course development process and products(course materials & delivery and student support services) that would be of benefit to our clients who are the Distance Education Students.

  • Who might they share this knowledge with?

They can share with their own network of people to improve their practices and promote what is imparted.

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