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Contact-new.svg Jane Terrell

My profile

My name is Jane Terrell, and I am a Teaching and Online Consultant with Massey University in Auckland NZ.

I started my career as a secondary school teacher and rapidly developed an abiding interest in responding to the needs of non-traditional students. This soon led me into adult education, working with early school leavers, long-term unemployed and other students traditionally under-represented in tertiary education.

Ultimately this took me into positions in staff and academic development in the wānanga, polytechnic and university sector, and into leading roles in national professional development projects for tertiary teachers. Along the way I also co-founded a Private Training Establishment (PTE) for adult learners, taught English as a Foreign Language in Europe and managed a programme for PTE students transitioning to university studies.

I am particularly interested in the experience of under-represented groups in tertiary education, and links between student achievement and staff development. I am to make online teaching a natural extension of the interactive approach I have always taken with students.

My interests

I'm interested in:

  • meeting needs of under-represented student groups
  • "connectivism" in education

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