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Contact-new.svg Janny Pang
Employer:Centre for Learning Innovation
Occupation:Learning Designer
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Hello! I have been working as a learning designer for the last 10 years or so for the Centre for Learning Innovationwhich is based in Sydney, Australia.

We develop educational resources for primary, secondary and vocational education training across a wide range of subject areas. You can see some of the resources at our Teaching and Learning Exchange website. The work is interesting and always evolving. Currently we are trying to find ways of making it easier and quicker for:

  • relevant resources to be found and accessed - there is so much available now
  • content/resources to be updated.

Previously I worked as an ESL to adult migrants - classroom and workplace based. My last teaching stint was 3 years ago in Dharamshala, India.

Professional interests

I am interested in learning design - teaching/learning methodologies and ideas. I am also interested in exploring technologies that can be used as educational tools - tools that can be used by teachers and developers to create good teaching and learning experiences. The tools I'm experimenting with at the moment are social bookmarking and wikis. Here are a few interesting websites I've come across recently:

Other interests

Things that take up some of my time:

  • Piano takes up a bit of my time (on and off!) - I'm been working on a jazz and a Bach piece.
  • 50m freestyle laps under 2 minutes is something I try out most mornings - Ian Thorpe does this under 20 secs!
  • Experimenting cooking with family!

Current favourites

(Comment.gif: Great looking page Jenny...the Briki project sounds very exciting! --Randy Fisher 16:54, 7 March 2008 (UTC))