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My name is Prof Amy E. Joof, a professor of education at the Division of Educational Studies located in the Institute of educational and Extra Mural Studies, (INSEEMS), at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. I live at the central part of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Presently I work at the Division of Education FBC, Mount Aureol, Freetown I am also a gender activist interested in gender issues, advocacy and empowerment.At FBC I was the former director of The Institute of Educational and Extramural Studies (INSEEMS), and the Director of the Gender Research and Documentation Centre (GRADOC),at University of Sierra Leone. I have a passion for Gender Studies and with a team of other colleagues I have developed a curriculum of ten modules for a masters degree program in Gender studies. It is a very popular program which started since 2002, and has attracted candidates from various works of life and disciplines. As a professor,I have organised several training workshops on numerous gender issues like gender analytical tools, gender and education, peace and conflict management,gender hiv/aids and education, gender based violence, gender policy onsexual exploitation. Recently I developed a module on gender and health with a focus on vesico vaginal fistula (VVF) as an outcome of a researchproject with outreach programs on adult literacy and skills training in the regions. As an educationist I have taught at various level of the educational system. especially at the tertiary level..

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