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Contact-new.svg Jonathan Adams
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Employer:University of Guyana
Other roles:General Secretary of the All African Guyanese Council., Chairman of the Linden Concerthall and School Management Committee

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  1. Post Graduate Diploma International Relations University of Guyana,
  2. Degree in Accounting University of Guyana
  3. Degree in Management University of Guyana
  1. Entrepreneurship Empretec
  2. Entrepreneurship Linden Economic Advance Programme/ International Labour Organization,
  3. PACA Economic Competitiveness Linden Economic Advancement Programme

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Professional Background

Dramatist LICHAS


Entrepreneurial Education especially Afrikan Entrepreneurship and its challenges in Guyana. The purchase of close to two hundred plantations in Guyana now referred to as the "Village Movement" was really an attempt by the freed Afrikans to start over. This effort was met by sever resistance by the colonial government which thought that the effort of the freed slaves in a movement to freedom was a threat to the British Empire. As a result the colonial administration in the colony along with the British administration instituted a an number of legislative, social, and economic measures which have created an economic structure in which Afrikan are structurally excluded from the productive sectors as owners of capital. the current effects of this 173 years programme can be seen in the current reality of the economic structure of the Guyanaese economy. The effects and current effects of slavery on Afrikans and this structural economic in Guyana.


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Life is really a mirror of reality what appears is the opposite of what really is.

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