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CIS 50 Student

Hello I am Jonathan Felmoca and I am enrolled in CIS 50 as a distance learning course. I was always interested in technology as I was growing up. I used to take apart all my electronic devices just to see how things were working and put them back together. I am taking this course to learn more about computer systems and possibly make a career change.

Information System Lifecycle Project

The Concept

 QR Codes, I see this a lot in retail right now, so I decided to use it for my topic.

Uses: Allow consumers to access additional information about a product.

Users: Anyone who request additional information.

Users Need: Smart Phone, Data Service, Internet Connection.

System Need: Network to store the coded information.

Available Information: able to transmit information to requested party.

Hardware - Computers - Peripherals and Networks

Operating Systems

iOS - Apple [1] This article is about Apples operating system for its mobile devices. It explains how it was developed, it's history and features.

Android - Google [2] This article is about Google's android platform for their mobile devices. It explains how Android came about and what features and uses it has for devices.

Research In Motion (R.I.M) - BlackBerry [3] This article is more about Reasearch In Motion as a company history of their operating system development.

Windows Mobile [4] This link give you information about the progress of windows mobile. It gives a timeline of their operating system as they developed it over time.


Hand held devices able to run anyone of the operating systems listed. The device will need a way to connect to the internet either through WiFi or mobile internet data 3G or 4G technology. The device will have to also be equipped with a camera in order to scan the 2 dimensional code.

Wired to wireless network database which is able to store all information about the code linked to it. Network needs to be able to handle heavy demand when needed.

THE WHAT : There is going to be a website that is open to the public. The website will have an application able to create an account. With this account they will be able to create a QR code (two dimensional barcode) and link information to it. The client will able to store the information on the site server for future updates to the code. The client will also be able to print out the code to use for their personal or business use. Their will be unlimited amount of resources and technical support on standby 24/7.

THE HOWS : The code will be stored on the server will all information that is linked to it. The network will be stored in a remote location. Access to the server is only possible with account privileges. Information to the code will be able to be access to who ever scans the code.

Development Overview

My lifecyle project is mostly web based so implementation is essential to a functioning project. I would be using a cloud based server to run my information to and from clients. The benefit of cloud based networking is I don't have to worry about huge over head costs with building my own network and running it all day and night. Delays may impact my business when the network goes down consumers would not be able to access the data they requested.

I have a lot of competition in the QR reader market place at this point in time. They offer just a simple web based information look up when scanning a code. I will include the ability to share the code when scanned off their device. I would also include a way to open up a web browser page on their device to compare prices on what they are inquiring about. I would also implement a way to compare different models with in that price range so the customer would have a list of information to make a better decision on how to spend their money. I would also implement an open board for users to upload prices and deals for a particular item so other users of the application can get on the deal. This implementation would build a community of users that everyone can enjoy and save money with.

Itegration and Testing

For my lifecycle project my system will be developed into four groups with three team members per group. The first group would be in charge of maintaining the cloud database and implement changes when needed. The second group would be involved with software developers who are knowledgeable with the three popular mobile operating systems, they would also be in charge of the developer account to each application store. The third group would be in charge of social media and operating on IRC channels to listen to feedback from beta testers. The fourth group would be in charge of financial aspects of the business so everything is done correctly and recorded. Some problems that my business might run into is trying to get testers to test the application in a real world experiment to see if the network can support all the traffic that will come with this application. Another problem is getting the business off the ground and start rolling smoothly.

For the legality part of the company as long as we keep records of each transaction and purchase of our apps then we should be fine. I don't believe that we will run into any legal issues other than the IRS when taxes are being done. Some problems that we might run into are bugs in the application that can't be addressed because we cannot replicate the problem. Another issue would be the control of the network to see if we need to expand or downsize depending on the traffic volume the application produces. Most problems that we might face are issues that we have no control over.

Production Control

The key tasks would be to manage the server traffic. It is very important to maintain that the information is always available to the consumer when requested. Information will be monitored to be accurate and tech support will become fully active to handle any complaints or customer support issues. As the system gets updated so with the available applications to help protect against security risks. Every month the servers and applications will be taken down shortly to update them and have things running smoothly again.

Retirement & Rollover

I don't see my project ever retiring or rolling over. Since it is a website based application that would communicate through mobile devices the most I would see is less traffic for the servers. Once this occurs we would be able to downsize the server and increase it when traffic speeds up again. My application would have to deal with consumer shopping habits. During the busy shopping seasons of the year the servers would be in full effect, but during the slower seasons the servers would get downsized.

Design For The Future

My project has to do with mobile devices and qr codes. I would include a social media integration to make sharing prices and deals easier for people looking to save a few bucks. Other than that I don't think any other integration of future trends will make my application any better.