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John King'au is a graduate of the Egerton University (Kenya) – Diploma in Animal Husbandry , holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Masters in Agriculture and Rural Development- National University of Ireland (University College, Dublin) and is currently registered for a Doctorate degree.


Also a Rural Development facilitator with credible experience and training skills. He has held various project management responsibilities with organizations such as Self Help Africa (an Irish based NGO),ANAFE, SUSTINET; been a board member of Agriculture and Rural Development Programme(ARDP)-Nakuru and several schools, has also been an official of Wakarimu Saving and Credit Society and a member of several Training and Development Networks.


My career spanning a period of over 19 years has included practical / competence based training with Baraka Agricultural College, experience in the fields of human resource management, administration, general management and stints as a development facilitator with NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). He has been involved in numerous training and development assignments in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Ireland and Netherlands.


  • socialising
  • facilitating
  • trainining 

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