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In the modern day classroom assessment of student achievement has been the focus of many debates around the globe. The Caribbean region is no exception.







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  • Check PT Schedule
  • Deposit Money at ATM
  • Check in the Office for Summary Sheet
  • Visit Cane End School
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    2. Carla Mathews

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Type of Theory Learning Devices Used
  • learning objectives stated
  • tasks broken down into small steps
  • mosts tasks have clear right or wrong answers
  • learners assesssed against the stated learning objectives
  • the learning package prescribes what is to be learnt
  • learning objectives stated
  • task broken down into small steps
  • learners assessed against the stated learning objectives
  • a wide variety of tasks, but within the scope of the stated objectives
  • material is chunked into small, meaningful pieces
  • mnemonics are used to aid memory
  • advance organisers are used to help learners see the structure of the topic
  • simplication of real-world situatiions
  • the learning package tends to prescribe what is to be learnt
  • learner choice of task or situation
  • authentic, real-world tasks
  • case studies
  • complexity of the real world presented in the tasks
  • collaborative learning tasks
  • opportunities to learn from observing others (e.g., trainee teaching as observer in a classroom)
  • the learning package tends to be open-ended in terms of what is to be learnt
  • self-evaluatiion rather than formal assessment

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