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jocelyn adam aiwo district republic of nauru the great pacific ocean /Lesson Plans for Nauru Rich Tasks

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My_Rich Task My name is Jocelyn Adam, a Nauruan and live in Aiwo District. There is no excitement in living in my district because I have to swallow and breath phosphate dust every day. It desperately needs a renovation of the phosphate industry buildings. I became a member of the Nauruan workforce in 1972. I was an AirNauru hostess; nurse; DCA secretary (Air Nauru); Telecoms overseas operator; clerical typist at Nauru Local Government Council; private secretary to the first President of Nauru; and finally settled down in the Education Department in 1990 up to today. I have really only spent 10 years in Education Department from 1999 up to today 2008. I resigned in 1992 and came back in 1999. My computer skills are average. I can teach others to open the computer to write letters and make powerpoint. I am happy to have gained all the experiences from previous jobs before settling down to teaching.