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Contact-new.svg Job Dyer
Job Dyer in gi
Employer:Eternity Ware Studios
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand
Languages:Japanese, English
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand

I enjoy Japanese Culture, Roller Blading, Judo, a bit of light computer gaming, war gaming, reading, playing an instrument (clarinet and keyboard), writing (I've done a few short stories) and acting.

Assessed activities 4.2, WS2.2, 4.4

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Assessed Activity 8.2 (2016) Winding up this blog
So, it has came to the end of this blog assessment, what have I learn&#8217;t out of it? for one thing. I have never used WordPress before. so that was a learning experience on its own. I also learn&#8217;t a good deal about how to use wik...
— jobalisk 2016-04-08 01:06:34
Assessed Activity 8.1 (2016) Online Tutorials
Here&#8217;s a neat E-Learning tutorial on using XCode 2.5 to make a program in Objective-C: &#160;
— jobalisk 2016-04-08 00:59:56
Assessed Activity 5.1 (2016) My Personal Learning Network
So&#8230; what does this mean? Well what it says more than anything else is that although I have an active presence on the web when using things like Facebook, Twitter and HMCE (the Halo Custom Edition mapping forum) but beyond that, my activi...
— jobalisk 2016-04-06 21:04:20
Assessed Activity 7.1 (2016): The Feild Trip
So today we went of a bit of a field trip to EIT&#8217;s sustainable Log cabin. On the trip we used mobile devices to record what happened. Unfortunately due to the profusion of mobile devices used to record the 4G internet we were using lagge...
— jobalisk 2016-03-23 20:10:04

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