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Joanna Barclay


Joanna Barclay is an energetic, personable and bilingual facilitator who specializes in bringing people together. With extensive experience in participatory group facilitation and organizational effectiveness, and is very skilled at working with management teams and enabling them to learn from the past and current environment to plan effectively and meet the needs of the future. She has worked with a many of clients in areas of strategic planning, organizational change, leadership development and teambuilding.

Her many strengths include building consensus and effective collaboration where where ideas come together, enabling people’s voices, ideas and contributions to be heard. Joanna has the unique ability to engage people to such a positive degree that those who enter a session as individuals leave as one strong team committed to working together. She has a keen understanding of human dynamics through her work teaching yoga and the Art of Living stress management programs, where she enables people to reach their full potential.

With over 20 years experience in information management and management consulting, Joanna has facilitated numerous strategy sessions and organizational transformations with a wide variety of clients including federal and municipal government departments, associations and private corporations. She also has years of sales and application development experience with major IT companies.

Joanna has an Honours B.A. in Management of Information Systems from the University of Ottawa and has also studied widely in the areas of facilitation, leadership and learning. She is an NTL Organizational Development Certified Consultant, an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator, and also an ICA Certified Technology of Participation Facilitator.


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