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Name : NYABYENDA Jean Marie Vianney Birth date : 18 October 1968 Civil Status : Married with 2 children Nationality : Rwandese Profession : Statistician Current Residence : Kanombe / Kicukiro District / City of Kigali Address : P.O Boxe 1198 KIGALI Tel : Mobile phone number : (250) 0788 46 36 84 Email :

  • My daughters Daniella and Lisa


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 2001 to 2005 : Bachelor of Statistics from the Sub-regional Institute of Statistics and Applied Economy (I.S.S.E.A), Yaoundé-Cameroon

 1991 to 1994: Diploma in Agronomy from the National University of Rwanda (N.U.R), Butare-RWANDA.


1.Since September 2010 up today: National coordinator of food security and nutrition monitoring (FSNM) system jointly under WFP, UNICEF, WVI, MINAGRI, MINISANTE

 Direct and lead the work of the representative of partners,  Coordinate FSNM system activities  Supervision of field personnel,  Participation in data analysis and treatment;  Data dissemination.

2.September 2010 to December 2010: Consultant with CRS for Orphan and Vulnerable Children / President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (OVC/PEPFAR) project evaluation

 Design and conduct a survey;  Preparation and supervision of data collection;  Data analysis and treatment;  Report writing.

3.Since April 2006 up today : Statistician in MINAGRI

 Member of Technical Working Group of the Households Integrated Living Condition Survey (EICV 2010/2011),  Member of the technical committee for the Household Integrated living Conditions Survey (EICV 2005/2006),  Ensure the technical follow up of 2006_agriculture survey project in partnership with the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda;  Monitor and evaluate the MINAGRIs performance indicators;  Establish sector statistics data collection  Estimation methodology of the crop assessment,  Preparation and supervision of agricultural survey  Responsible for the preparation of the monthly bulletin on crop monitoring.  Agriculture survey design;  Design of collection instruments (questionnaires, field manual),  Design of tabulation plans,  Supervision of field personnel,  Data processing in collaboration with the computer specialist,  Data analysis and treatment;  Data dissemination. 4.Since April 2006 up February 2011: National Coordinator of the Market Information System Project

 MIS focal point for communication, information between MINAGRI, European Union High Commission and National Coordination of European Development Fund (FED/MINECOFIN),  Price data collection methodology,  Sample design for price collection,  Establishment of the list of products to be included in the ICP survey,  Recruitment and training of price collectors,  Supervision of price data collection,  Price data analysis and dissemination,  Coordination of eSoko platform editing,  Technical and financial report redaction,  Questionnaire design for the Consumer price data collection ;  Organization and supervision of price collection;  Price Data processing;  Sorting out a regular indication of agricultural product prices;  Publication of the monthly consumer price index (CPI).

5.Since October 2008 up today: National focal point of ContrySTAT platform which is a national statistical information system for food and agriculture.

 To harmonize data on food and agriculture coming from different sources  Upload data in the system;  CountrySTAT Administrator  Coordinator of the National Technical Working Group

6.Since June 2008: National Consultant of Food and Agricultural Marketing Information System (FAMIS)-COMESA.

 National administrator of FAMIS  Upload data and information on agricultural products in the FAMIS website

7.Since October 2008 to January 2010: National coordinator of Crop and market monitoring project under FAO/MINAGRI

 Direct and lead the work of the 2 project Consultants,  Coordinate project activities  Participation in data analysis and dissemination through the bulletin (every month).

 June 1999 – October 2001 : Technician of the FSRP (Food Security Research Project) with Michigan State University  June 1996 – May 1999: technician in charge of monitoring and evaluation under Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources.  March 1995 – May 1996: Teacher in secondary school (COLLEGE APACOPE)


 Round table on Monitoring Food Security, 12-13 September 2011, Roma, Italy;  Meeting of Experts on Development of Regional Food Balance Sheet, 1-2 September 2011, Arusha, Tanzania;  Training on “Forecasting Methods and Market Information”, 6-10 June 2011, Kampala, Uganda;  Training on “Remote sensing and crop monitoring”, 30 May-04 June 2011, Bujumbura, Burundi;  Workshop on “Harmonisation of Methodologies for Agricultural Markets Data Collection and Dissemination”, 23-25 May 2011, Kigali, Rwanda;  Training on “Introduction to Geographic Information Science”, Butare, 23rd March-3rd April 2009;  Participation in the workshop on the Supply and Use Table (SUT) for National accounts, Rubavu, 2-13 February 2009;  CountrySTAT Administrator training, 10-15 November 2009 in ROMA, Italy;  Training in Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) under R+SP, Kigali, 8-12 September 2008;  Training on Agricultural statistics, Bordeaux, 11-22 June 2001;  Data Analysis using SPSS, Michigan State University (USA), 21 may - 3 June 2000.


 Mother language: Kinyarwanda,  French: 5 English: 3 (1=elementary 5=fluent)  Driving licence: Cat. B


 Word processing: Word  Spreadsheet: Excel  Statistical analysis: SPSS, EVIEWS, ArcGIS and CESPro  Other: PowerPoint.