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I was searching and reading one of Sarah Stewart wonderful web discussions this morning which led me to think about having a blog and getting more 'online savvy' I love reading other midwives online discussions. I tried to set up a twitter account a wee while ago and I think it must be still there because someone from somewhere wanted to twitter with me but when I try to tweet it doesn't. I have no idea why??? I have got some learning to do.

It has taken me ALL day to get this far, well from about 10.30am after I had been out for a run (I'm training for a marathon) and done a little bit of house work (not my favourite subject). I got a little bit lucky because my husband came home from work for lunch and set up a gmail email address so I could sign into google and set up the blog. Ok that was long winded but It has been a long winded experience as I have no idea what I'm doing.

I have attempted a couple of times to use those template things that you click on to make it a nice layout but it wont work. I just got to this part and it said 'you have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet'! Whats that all about I have spent all to day get it to exist.

I'm not at work today but just went out for a nice walk with my midwife collegue and we had a great time reflecting on a few things that are happening at work at the moment. We are supposed to be having a staff meeting tomorrow which we tried to get ALL staff to attend but that is impossible with busy women. We have had to compromise in that they will need to read the minutes of the meeting and sign off on a few things they will need to know for our upcoming facility audit.

When I got home from the walk the kids were into the cupboards looking for food. There seemed to be so much they could decide what they wanted (thats a rare occasion, i must've been feeling overly generous on my last shopping trip). One had a spagetti toasted sandwhich one had yogurt and blueberries and the oldest one (13) had a quick piece of dried cake which I overcooked yesterday. Now they have all gone out to hockey practice and the house is all quiet again for an hour or so:-)

I'm going to leave it there for today and try and make something pretty out of my page. Watch this space! But I might have to wait for Mike to get home from work.

Ok so this isn't even my blog this is wikiEducator? Now I'm more lost than ever - is there hope for me?