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Practice area. --Nellie Deutsch 19:51, 20 June 2009 (UTC)

Projects /Plan of lesson 1/

Strand: Intellectual property issues

Content/Topic: Copyright and related rights of artistic works

Class :Form 2 secondary level

Meaning and importance of copyright as related to artistic works
Related rights

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Basic idea about copyright; examples of protected works

Strategies/Questions to guide learning

  1. What is copyright?
  2. What rights does copyright provide?
  3. Who are some of our local artists?
  4. Examples of protected works.

Intelligencies addressed

Visual: Linguistic: Naturalistic

Set Induction

  • How to identify original artworks.
  • How to identift clone pieces of artwork.

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Portfolio Activity

Description activity/Instructional activity

  1. Display of original pieces of artwork
  2. Display ot clone pieces of artwork
  3. Allow students to examine pieces
  4. Compare and contrast different forms

Instructional Focus


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Resources needed:

CDs (Artists and their works)
AV room/Library

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Activity sheet
Written as a paper

Integration with:

Visual Arts

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Know the difference between original work and copies of real works
It involves high prices and costs.

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Follow up activities

  • Organise the Art section in the library to make materials more visible
  • Mount displays using different media e.g information files, school magazine
  • Exhibit the works of new and old artists e.g students
  • Allow students in the Art class to hold discussions about their work