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My name is Jeffrey Kong and I am currently in the CIS 2 class at De Anza. I like to play tennis but I do not want to put much more about myself on here, as the lessons that we have done in class have made me worried about my online privacy.

Summary of Midterm topic #2: Ending Hunger and Poverty

This MDG goal is related to ending world hunger and poverty. The goals include halving many disproportionally high statistics regarding hunger and poverty. For instance, one goal is to halve the number of people in the world that live on less than $1.00 per day.

  • Progress has been made in reducing poverty, as the previously stated goal of halving the number of people living on $1.00 per day is on track to be met by 2015.
  • However, there are issues with the goals relating to poverty, and these particular goals will not be met without serious increases in the effort and resources devoted to ending hunger.