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About me

My Name is jimmy Kereseka and im part Choiseul and Marovo. My interests are playing soccer and fishing. im married with two kids


where i live

I live at Supizae Island, adjacent to Taro, the Choiseul Provincial Capital. My house is about fifteen metres from the sea front. my sea front was covered with white sandy beaches and a crystal clear water, ideal for snorkelling.

My Work

I worked as an Environment Coordinator with Lauru Land Conference of Tribal Community for The Nature Conservancy in Solomon Islands. I worked with communities in Choiseul who are interested in Conservation. At the moment we worked with seven communities in Choiseul.My roles are to:

  • do community awareness


Hellow and welcome to my page. i will start by discussing some of the issues with logging

  logging is one of the main issues in our community tody

Top level

second level

third level

Birds of choiseul is yet to be discoveredb.

  • apples of NZ
  • Kangaroos of Australia
  • Pigs of choiseul
    • Guinea pigs
    • white pigs
    • brown pigs
      • fat
      • thin

  1. David
    1. England
    2. Europe
  2. Michael
    1. DuaDua
    2. Moli

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
    • Rainy day
    • Cloudy Day
  3. Jimmy
  4. Scott

  • England
    1. David
    2. Queen
  • Solomon
    1. Rasta
    2. Danny Philip
  • New Zealand
    1. Sott