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                                                                                   Assignment No-1

1) Explain two practical examples of modern control theory.

2) Small computers are used in automobiles to control emission and obtain improved gas mileage. A computer controlled fuel injection system that automatically adjust the fuel-air mixture ratio could improve gas mileage reduce unwanted polluting emissions significantly. Sketch a block diagram for such a system for an automobile.

3) What is difference between closed loop feedback control system and closed loop feed forward control system?

4) Determine the signal flow model and matrix differential equation using the state variable format for a system with the transfer function

Y(s) / R(s) = T(s) = s2 + 7s + 2 / s3 + 9s2 + 26s + 24

5) Define the following terms:

• State of a system • State variables • State vector • State differential equation