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Jim Edwards,

Still needs some clarification – building up that resource there….

Looking at the materials you (RF) sent me, I can see the benefits:

Secondary Education – having info available, and all the things… Encourage people to join the profession; but you’ve got resources are developed and online, and used, particularly to supplement training in those countries that don’t have the veterinary education infrastructure we would like to see…

Tertiary Education – universities and veterinary school –

We want to make it easy for people to make the information – particularly for developing country…

I published on the website from Pakistan… in the poultry area…I see this sort of resources, as I posted under technical articles….

Share and have resources, to meet the competencies they want out of the courses, to eventually passed, a recognized exam… “a body of

Pdf and distributed, and WVA newsletter… message to the members around the world, don’t hesitate to print this off, and circulate it on a local basis…

Strategic importance in what we’re doing…. Motivated to see a development here….

Look at what we can achieve here… try and line it up…

Major benefits in the developing world….

Global development of competency standards… and runs in parallel with that….