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To be able to use WikiEducator pedagogical templates in content authored offline in OpenOffice.

I have updated my WikiEducator OpenOffice export filter so that it will map document sections into WikiEducator pedagogical templates.

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  1. Download WikiEducator-0.2.jar
  2. Use the Tools... XML Filter Settings panel to Open Package and select the newly downloaded file

This process will install (or update) the WikiEducator export filter.

Use Insert... Section... to insert a section. Name the section with the name of one of the Pedagogical Templates. You can give each a unique name by appending the '|' character and an identifying name, such as Activity|Download. The | and trailing name is optional if you only use a single iDevice of a type on the page. To make the iDevice visually distinctive, I suggest you also use the Background tab of the panel to select a background color.

You can then use the File... Export... panel to save the file, setting the File format to WikiEducator.

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Key points

It would be interesting to:

  • write macros for each iDevice to insert the section, set the background color, insert the iDevice icon, and set the text margin
  • be able to import wikitext

This version of the WikiEducator filter also adds a Category text style, which uses the styled text as a category tag.

This document was created in OpenOffice 2.4. The OpenOffice source .odt file is available.

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