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Contact-new.svg Jodie Hemerda
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Employer:CSU-GC and CTU-Denver
Occupation:Adjunct faculty
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Education Leader: Adult Learning Facilitator & Curriculum Innovator

  • Social Science & Education
  • Various modalities
    • Face-to-face
    • Hybrid, a combination of face-to-face and online
    • Online

Curriculum VitaePDF down.png

Research Interests: Dialogue Effects Change within the Self-Regulated Model of Learning


Ph.D. in Education specializing in Educational Technology from Walden University

Graduate Certificates from Regis University in Adult Education, and Social Justice, Peace and Reconciliation.

Master's Degree in Liberal Studies with a Psychology emphasis from Regis University

Bachelors Degree in Physical Science with minors in mathematics and statistics from Colorado State University

Doctoral Exhibits

Dissertation topic: Maximizing Feedback for Self-Regulated Learning

KAMs: KAMI:Dialogue in the ClassroomPDF down.png KAMII:Technology Delivered FeedbackPDF down.png


I have been honored with Faculty of the Year (2016) and the Malcolm Knowles Award (2015) for outstanding performance in education.

Educational Perspective

I am an enthusiastic educator! I like to integrate my unique, varied education with my business and teaching experience.

I'm excited to delve into the world of adult learning. Through my studies of dialogue, I hope to find a way to improve classroom (f2f, synchronous and asynchronous) interactions. I want to facilitate dialogue that enlightens people to move from passive to active participants in their lives. Connecting people to others in their community through dialogue provides the key to solving many of our local and global problems. Once people realize that they are not alone in struggling with their problems, that their struggle is common to their neighbors, they can begin to work toward shared goals and solutions.

I do not view education as limited to imparting what we know with those who do not, but rather creating experiences that challenge students' preconceived notions, rock their worlds, and hopefully get them hooked on learning for life. Experience as an educator has taught me that students learn best when their passions are ignited. To light that fire, adult learning needs to break down the barriers of stale learning models and open to interactive, participatory, experiential learning. Adults come to the classroom with life experiences that changes their perceptions and warrants acknowledgement. Everyone has something to teach in the adult classroom. Dialogue provides the framework for creating an environment where adults can succeed best.

Personal History

Here’s a quick reference of my personal background: grew up in Vancouver, WA, attended high school in Littleton, CO, earned my bachelors degree, started my family, and began a business adventure in Fort Collins, CO, and settled in Parker, CO. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we have three amazing children. We love animals, so we have a Chihuahua, a Lab/Border collie mix, a bearded dragon, numerous salt water fish, and a chubby little hamster. My husband and I enjoy cooking, hiking, biking, traveling (especially road trips), and attending our children’s numerous sporting and music activities.

My Sandbox

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