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Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am currently enrolled in CIS50 Introduction to Computers, Data Processing, and Applications. My interest in this course revolves around my need to satisfy the technology requirement to receive my California Teaching Credential. I do enjoy computers and know quite a bit about them, however, the actual lingo and terminology that goes along with computers and computer systems is pretty new to me. Because I am taking this class to satisfy a credential requirement, what I think I know about computers will probably pale in comparison to the rest of the students in this class.

Water Polo League Statistics I am a high school water polo coach so I am interested in an information system about water polo players. Users: coaches, athletes, parents, (general public) Users Need: Statistical information about players/teams (ex: goals, assists, position, goalie blocks, team standing) System Need: stats on players from all teams, stats on team standing Available Information: player bios, player stats, team stats, coach bios, player positions

Reqirements Users will need access to any device that receives internet. Users will receive output on individual players shots taken, shots made, steals, assists, and blocks.

What: My water polo website will provide information about individual water polo players on a given high school water polo team including age, gender, position played, and player statistics. How: I will make a database of statistics beginning with this year and will be updated each season. The database will include individual statistics from the various teams.

Lifecycle- Development Overview There are many software programs and services available that can help me create my water polo statistics website. I would rather buy a system since my website will not be very intricate and will only really require frequent data updates (which will be updated at the end of each week). Because I am not as technologically inclined as some, I believe buying a simple software system would be much easier for me (or my site managers) to maintain than trying to build my own system and going through hours of training. Time to implement is important and the system should be done over the summer as water polo is a fall sport. The system will need to be up and running by August. I am not selling this service and there is no competition. I am creating this website merely to keep a record of individual water polo statistics that may be used for potential scholarships or just for information. I will focus on a specific league of water polo players instead of trying to figure out individuals’ statistics of all water polo players on all teams in California. I could always develop that later when I get my website running smoothly.

Lifecycle- Integration and Testing My system begin with the development of a website. I believe I will be able to develop the website by myself but as time goes by and the number of teams I must enter statistics for increases, I will need more people; perhaps one person per term (approximate 6 per high school league). If I wanted to go bigger I could even hire one person per league. Some of the most challenging issues for testing will honestly be my own idiocy in the subject of website planning. I believe teams and coaches take a lot of a pride in their teams and perhaps if I could design a site where coaches could enter their own team statistics easily, it would save time and money. The only challenge to that is making sure their statistics are correct and coincide with the official game book. I would like to keep the website as simple and user friendly as possible while continuously updating weekly statistics by using free software and training assistant coaches during practices or downtime. I am not a computer programmer and would like to be able to mange my website and still be able to allow coaches the ability to enter their own statistics (although I am not sure how to do this without requiring coaches to submit formal statistics without fudging numbers). My system is not a commercial product or service, it will only benefit people in the league and prospective collegiate athletes.

Lifecycle- Production When my information system gets to the point of production, where it is finally doing what it was designed and built to do, some of the key tasks to be completed at this stage would be to make sure I have people in place to continuously update statistics of water polo players and to answer questions from coaches. There will upgrades and fixes applied as the site grows and I have more information on more teams and players. The more comfortable I get with the system and the more I learn about programming an information system, the more interactive I may make it. I will update the system at the end of each week because two games will be played each week, this means individual statistics will need to be updated either after each game or at the end of the week.

Retirement and Rollover I think my system will have a relatively long life since it is an information system based on the statistics of high school water polo players. As long as I am willing to keep the site up to date and train my water polo managers, I believe my system will have life. My website is not cutting edge or something everyone will be interested in. The purpose it serves is to give information on player statistics for players, family of players, high school coaches, or potential college coaches.

I will know it is time to retire my system when either another coach in my league decides to make a fancier website with the same information or when I do not want to update the system anymore. I would transition to a new system by upgrading to an easier system, if need be, but I would not transition by coming up with my own software.

Some of the features and functions I expect to be available in the follow-on system are just more user-friendly means of inputting and outputting information.