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Contact-new.svg Jessica Escalante

My Profile

My name is Jessica Escalante and I am a Student at the University of Belize Pursuing an an associate degree in Primary Education. I live in Trio village in the Toledo District, but since two years ago I move to Belmopan City to study at the University of Belize. This two years that I have being very far from my family help me to become a very responsible person in everything that I do. My dreams were to be an educator ,and I am at the end line to get my associate degree in Primary Education which make me very happy. From when I was a primary school student I dream with this career and now that I will soon finish I am so happy that I will be what Idream with. [edit] Professional Background- After I graduated from Independence High School I applied to further my Education at the University of Belize. After that time I have being studying and, for summers I work with the Pre-school coordinator of the Stann Creek District ms. Therese Aviola. It is very nice to work with such educators that share their knowledge with the younger teachers.


I graduated from Trio Government School in the Toledo District. Then I graduated from Independence High School in the Stann Creek District.Now I am at the end line of completing my associate degree in Primary Education.

My Interests

From when I was very young my hobbies were to exploring new things that the world have for us. now my that I am a university all I want to do is to explore what the teaching career is all about, how we can better our educational system. I also like to travel to different places and observer the different environment that I am not use to, but not the least I love to read a lot. [edit] Professional-My dream is to be a professional in the teaching career in the future. teaching is all that i love and I will do it will love and passion.

The things that i enjoy are:

  1. Teaching
  2. Reading
  3. cooking
  4. Traveling


I am very lovely, caring, honest,understandable,and a little shy when I do not know certain people. Moreover, with my students I am the most lovely and understandable person, and shyness is not even a part of me.


My Projects

My Sandbox

My sandbox

My Reflection