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I'm currently writing a novel in which the main character is trying to get past her personal issues against the backdrop of her social life on the internet. The novel will highlight the successes and woes of utlising the internet as a social scene.


I am always writing poetry; it is my strongest genre to date. I'm trying to piece together chapbooks of work I've already written on the subject of love and relationships, and subject studies I have yet to write. I'm toying with writing subject studies on flowers (in a rather 19th century vein) and on aspects of England.

Children's stories

I have two children's stories projects going on. The first is a story about a boy whose alchemist father is more interested in gold than in his own son. The second project is a cooperative project I'm doing with my friend, a photographer, and my dog, Bogie. We have one story already written and designed, and we're putting our things together to seek out publication for the book, as well as planning for more in a series about Bogie.

US emigration projects

I'm doing some research into utilising blogs, internet articles, and eBooks on the subject of emigration from the US in order to make an income. The income would likely to advertisement and publication based.